Art Parties!




Want a fun and creative birthday party for your little people, but don't want the hassle and the mess? Come and let us take care of it in the studio!

Whats Included

All birthday parties include a digital birthday invite, a themed art project, photo booth fun and a fun colour in photo frame for the birthday child to take home! (This will also include a group photo from your party!) We will also supply paper plates, cups, napkins and water. 

Parties are suitable for ages 5+ and at least 1 parent must stay at the party at all times for supervision purposes. Parents of party guests are asked to drop off their children as I don't have enough room for every parent to remain in the studio for the party - the studio space is dedicated to the children and making sure they have enough room to create. 

All food and the cake is the responsibility of the host. I do not have kitchen facilities in the studio, however there is a large table out back to prepare and I have a fridge. Previous party guests have also arranged with local businesses such as Riverhouse Cafe & Dominos to have food delivered. Studio parties are scheduled either side of lunch though to take the pressure off having to supply large amounts of food ;) 

How the parties run

Each party runs for 2 hours which includes 1.5 hours of making and half an hour for your cake and food! We usually try and keep the kids going on their activity for an hour, and then break for food and photos and then come back to finish the art project and open presents if you wish to do them at the party. 
The host may arrive 30 minutes prior to set up any decorations etc (the studio is bright and fun so if you want to save on decorations you can!)  There are a number of themes available - you just choose and I do all the work. 

COST for a party


COST $300.00 for up to 10 children. This is the min price for 1 - 10 kids.

Additional children are $25 each and I can have 12 children in total attending a party. 


How to Book

To secure a party, please first email me at to discuss availability and themes. I will then ask for a $100 deposit to secure your date and time. Final numbers and the balance are due on the Monday before your party. 

Looking for something smaller and intimate? 


I understand that we don't always want to invite 10 or more people to a party! Art Parties can be arranged for a smaller group, at $33.00 per child. All inclusions above remain the same

Party Themes!

There are fun party themes to suit everyone in the studio!! Below are some of our most popular parties, but I am always able to cater to most requests! Please note that custom themes may incur an extra charge, depending on what materials I will need to purchase.  



This super fun party is suitable for kids turning 8 or older. The birthday child can choose what they want to paint and I will come up with a design and guide them through on the day


Small Worlds

This party is for the craft lover!....Each child will use a variety of craft parts to create their own "small world" - It can be Fairy Gardens, Dinosaur worlds, Magical Rainbow Forests, Candy Lands - just to name a few. This party is suitable for all primary aged children. 

Adopt- A- Pet

Our most popular party for the younger kids! Each child gets to choose a Beanie Boo toy to "adopt" and take home with them. They'll colour in a certificate, decorate a little carrier with markers, stickers and washi tape and make a collar and a bracelet. 



This party is suitable for kids turning 7 and older, and for those who don't mind sticky hands and a bit of mess! The kids will start with clear glue and add all of their own colours, glitters and embellishments. They'll also make a cute little jar or container to take it home in. Slime parties can be themed eg: Ninja Turtles, Frozen etc. 


disco party

 The kids will start by designing an album cover and blinging some sunglasses. After some photos and a food/cake break, we'll pull the curtains closed turn up the music and dance 


Jewellery Party

Suitable for kids turning 7 and older, guests at this party will be able to visit our amazing "bead bar" to make a bracelet, necklace and some earrings! 

Hat Party

Design a bright and colourful hat to take home. Kids will also get to make two badges on the badge maker to pin onto their hat!


Potion Party

Well make some beautiful crystal wands and then make some bubbling and fizzing potions to bottle up and take home